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Why hiring an elevator consultant makes sense

January 8th, 2013 by

Someone recently asked me why should they hire an elevator consultant.  They said whenever they had a question they would just ask their maintenance company.

As a consultant we work for the Owner and advise them based on what is in their best interest.  If you ask your service provider you have to remember that they are also representing themselves and their employer.  Sometimes there can be a big difference between what is best for the elevator equipment and what is best for their bottom line.

Property managers today are often short staffed and can not be technical experts on every aspect of their buildings.  Things like elevators tend to be one of the more challenging systems to understand and manage.  Utilizing a consultant can be an efficient and effective management tool in this time of intense competition of managing client expectations.  Often we can provide an objective view of your elevator system and offer you multiple solutions that are available from the industry and we are not limited to just one company’s product offerrings.

Our goal is to do great things in quick time, for a fair price, and with no surprises. That’s, perhaps, the best reason to call us to discuss a way we can help.