elevator + escalator consulting

Vertran Enterprises, Ltd., better known as VERTRAN began in 1993 as a private consulting firm dedicated to all phases of Elevator and Escalator Design and associated support services. The firm has diverse experience with all elevator and escalator applications, Codes and technologies. We work directly with Building Owners, Property and Facility Managers, Architects, Engineers, Cooperatives and Condominiums.  While our offices are located in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area, we do work across the country on all different types of projects.

Our many completed projects and satisfied customer base has earned us an outstanding reputation as consultants with integrity, knowledge and successful results.

VERTRAN is independent of any affiliations that could bias our observations or recommendations. We have no hidden agendas. It is our obligation to serve as your trusted professional advisor and representative. We take that responsibility very seriously.

We welcome your questions and inquiries and would enjoy the opportunity to talk with you about your upcoming projects.

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